miércoles, mayo 24, 2006

Como leer RSS y Atom feed desde Gmail

Hacia tiempo que sabia q gmail permitia leer feeds
(para q te llegen las noticias del blog directo al email)

Aqui tengo las instrucciones en ingles, pero se entiende.

En nuestro caso el feed es:

URL del Feed del sitio

Web Clips shows you news headlines, Gmail tips, blogs, any RSS and Atom feed, relevant sponsored links, and more -- right at the top of your inbox and messages. Receive updates from your favorite sites without having to leave Gmail!
Here's how to customize which Web Clips are shown in your account:
Log in to your Gmail account.
Click Settings at the top of any Gmail page, and open the Web Clips tab.
Browse popular clips by selecting a topic link along the left. Search for feeds by entering topics that interest you -- use this feature like you would Google Search. Or, enter specific feed URLs.
Click Add next to the clips you'd like to see in your Gmail account.
Each clip displays the source from which it was received, how long ago the clip was published, and a link to access the entire story or page containing the clip.
From your inbox, you can scroll through clips you've already seen by clicking <>.
Note: Clips of your favorite RSS and Atom feeds are displayed randomly, and aren't targeted to the contents of your mail.

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